Pasa-Kalye Group of Artists 5th Orbit

Pasa-Kalye Group of Artists 5th Orbit

One of the newest Arts Group in Baguio, the Pasa-Kalye Group of Artists, is celebrating its 5th year of existence this July 22, 2021.

The group started as when they joined a call to support a philanthropic art activity in support of dialysis patients in 2016. The activity titled “Sketch Mo, Buhay Ko” was followed by many more activities like street arts exhibit where the group got their name. 

One of the major activities they supported was the Free Dialysis movement started by the late journalist Ramon Dacawi. The approved bill now allows free dialysis for 144 sessions from the 90 sessions earlier approved. 

Their latest exhibit at Tam-awan Village called Cinque is the group’s celebration with Tam-awan artists of their 5th year of existence. The exhibit will run from July 3 to August 6, 2021. Cinque is Italian for five and it is also what they commonly call a card, dice or domino with five spots. In Domino, it is part of the group of 6 dice: ace, deuce, trey, cater, cinque and sice. But it also has other usage and meaning. It could also be a name of a place, a name of a Restaurant, or a name of a fantasy character. 

As a person’s name, it has interesting meaning attached to it: Music enthusiast; passionate leader; charismatic; innovator; artistic; loving nature; strong character; intelligence; athletic; incredibly handsome; self-motivated; philanthropist; high achiever; and talented.

Cinque is a well-respected and loved leader among his colleagues and family. Cinque may as well describe the leader who keeps the group moving forward.

The Pasa-Kalye Group of Artists is a mixture of different characters of the diverse members. They have set their differences aside to keep the group moving forward. Just like Cinque’s meaning, they can be diverse with different meaning but they are always in-cinque (sync) when it comes to the group’s mission and vision. 


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